March 15 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogotá

Presentation of the works in different formats and supports that maintains a unity of con-cepts, elements and aesthetic references. In relation to the search for the "Plastic of the Spir-it", the "Everything and Nothingness", "Nihilism and Transcendence", and the vision of these opposing realities show the question of being. All this through the evocation of the senses and elements of semantics (almost semiotic) of the author (whites, dirt, oil painting, glaze, light, sound, anachronistic elements, interpellation to the viewer, evocation of the senses).

Through interpellation to the search for knowledge with the senses and the philosophical-theological reflection. The works are presented as related pieces or linked to concepts and sometimes with the use of texts or words that emerge between pure and dirty targets. All the pieces (paintings, installations, videos, sounds, photographs, etc.) are objects that want to approach the procedural aspect of the work, which have a referential and documentary func-tion of the artist's investigative work.

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